Arrrrgh Matey, Don’t Let Toner Pirates Take Advantage of You!


Pirates!You may get a chuckle from the title, but this is a real problem that affects businesses on

a daily basis. Toner pirates are people/businesses that use unethical practices to dupe you into purchasing toner supplies.

Here are some pointers so you can steer clear of these scammers:

  • Review your maintenance contract with your authorized equipment provider. Toner is included in most maintenance contracts.
  • Educate your staff. Explain how the maintenance contract works and what is included.
  • If someone is calling and asking for more information on your machine, such as a model number, HANG UP or ask for their contact information. When they can’t or won’t provide you with their information, you know they’re toner pirates.
  • Call your regular toner supplier to verify the story.
  • If you end up ordering from toner pirates only to realize you were tricked, refuse the shipment when it is delivered
    to your office.

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