Managed Print Services

In your current workplace, do you know your actual cost of document printing?

90% of companies don’t know what they are spending on print.

Printing is typically the 3rd highest office expense behind rent and payroll.

Running costs are estimated at 45% of total cost of ownership.

Management costs are estimated at 50% of total cost of ownership.

Most printers are not a controlled expense.

The benefits of managing your print

Proactive service and support

Just one phone number to call for service and, if you install our automation tools, our remote service team can quickly detect and address any networked device alerts. All this reduces downtime and increases staff productivity.

Increased Productivity

With constant monitoring of your devices and user behavior, we can tell how users print to ensure that they have the most reliable equipment with the needed features.

Increased Security

To safeguard your confidential assets, our advanced program options offers you the ability to print securely, locking a document until the authorized user releases it with an access card or a username and password.

Reduced Output Costs

An established print cost baseline helps you budget and manage your printing costs, and allows us to develop future cost-savings measures to keep your devices working at high efficient levels. 

Realized environmental goals

Continual device monitoring helps you reach your environmental and sustainability goals by identifying and addressing such issues as under- and over-utilized units, and aged equipment that is too costly and wasteful to operate.