When is it time to invest in an MFP for your business?

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Hey Guys!

Do you find yourself running to Kinkos “real quick” on your lunch hour to make a few color copies only to spend an hour waiting in line, spending more money than you bargained on, and feeling frazzled? This may be another familiar scenario,

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sitting in front of a desktop scanner for what seems like an eternity scanning in a 200 page document. There goes your productive morning. Or have you said or heard, “Oh, I’ll just pick up a little ink jet printer for my color printing,” later to shake your head wondering why the ink jet cartridges are as much as a Mercedes payment.

If you have found yourself in any of the above predicaments, you may be ready to make the transition to a multi-function product.

Let’s talk about why you went to Kinkos in the first place: You may have needed to print color flyers for an open house, promotional brochures, or create manuals for new hires. After factoring in your drive time, the time it takes to get the associates to help you and the time it takes to throw out the bad copies that came off of a public use machine, you are more than likely spending too many of your work hours on a project that should be very easy to do. Well, here’s the good news: it can be! Imagine having an MFP right under your own roof at your beck and call. No traffic, waiting in lines, and wasting your lunch hour, not to mention 1/10th the cost per page. After all, how much is your time really worth?

Now, let’s think about that desktop scanner for a minute. We can all agree that scanning is essential in today’s work place. Having a desktop scanner is a great idea, especially if you are scanning a 5 page document or something a few times a day. What if you have an office staff, all wanting to scan to email and scanning in 50 page documents or more? You will either have a traffic jam at your desktop scanner or it will get left for you to do. The last thing you want is a bunch of disgruntled and unmotivated employees mulling around a desktop scanner. The average desktop

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scanner will scan at about 26 pages per minute. Not bad but generally, you have feed each page in to the scanner, or worse—use the flatbed at a brutal 20 seconds per page. I don’t even want to think about duplexing. An MFP has a document feeder which allows you to put about 100 sheets of paper in it at once. Also, there are dual scanning capabilities that

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allow you to do double sided documents with one pass thru the doc feeder. Imagine walking up to your MFP, placing your pages in the document feeder, customizing what you’re going to scan in (at up to 160 pages per minute), and pressing start! So easy!

Copying color, printing and black and white documents are still the backbone of any office, even in this increasingly paperless world. Having an ink jet printer is initially an inexpensive quick fix for on demand printing. But, on average you may find yourself spending 5-20 cents per page.

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An MFP will print and copy with higher quality at a lower cost. We’re talking like 1-2 cents per black and white print.

Think of it, making quality copies, scanning at 160 pages per minute & color printing at a fraction of the cost. If you have dealt with any of the things we just talked about, it is time to let a new MFP do the heavy lifting.

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