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Think back to the last or most memorable time you lost an item or object essential to your daily life. Keys, wallets, a debit card pulled out to make an online purchase, or your favorite pen; these things have a mysterious way of getting lost in the void of time and space. When we finally find that one thing we were looking for, it seems like there is this great epiphany that strikes us: “Well, of course it would be here… It’s the last place I would ever check,” even though deep down we may be a little embarrassed that we know too well why a certain thing is in a certain place.

My most-less-than-proud moment occurred back when I was first getting into the job market. I was super excited for my first job interview ever. I made sure to get some fancy new clothes to look sharp and got a professional haircut rather than doing the usual self-cut. I woke up early, made sure to eat a solid breakfast (a microwave breakfast croissant and a glass of orange juice), and made sure I was “done-up” as much as I felt I could be. I then decided to relax. To prepare myself mentally, I sat down on the couch and watched cartoons for a good 30-40 minutes or so before realizing I was going to be running late if I stayed to watch the rest of my show. I turned off the TV, got up to leave, patted my left pocket, and then my right. My keys were missing.

I ran upstairs to my room to check if I left my keys on my nightstand. Nothing. Then the bathroom. No keys. I rushed downstairs and began thinking, “Maybe I left them by the sink? on the couch maybe?” I looked EVERYWHERE with no luck and I had to leave now if I wanted to make it on time. At this point I had no choice but to get a ride from a neighbor. I practically jumped out of my neighbor’s car, giving a wave and a “Thank you! I’ll walk home!” as I sped for the doors… of a restaurant. My contact only specified an address and suite number which MapQuest failed to tell me was a Panera Bread. I gained my composure, walked into the restaurant, and looked around, hoping to see my contact (whose picture I had seen on his website). He wasn’t there yet. I sat down at an open table and waited.

15 minutes later my contact showed up out of breath, explaining his wife had accidentally taken his car keys that morning and that he did everything in his power to get to the interview as soon as possible (I didn’t have a phone at the time so he had no way of telling me the situation). He was sincerely apologetic, to which I confessed I too was late because my keys were missing. We had a bit of a laugh over it, got down to business with the lunch interview, and things went rather well (even though his offer ended up being less than desirable by the end of the interview). We parted ways and I walked 6 miles home. As soon as I got home, I plopped down on my bed. I was too tired to look for my keys at the moment so I just took a nap to recuperate from the self-induced stress.

When I woke up, I went downstairs, watched TV, sorted through jobs listings online, and carried on with my usual routine until my stomach began to growl around dinner time. I checked the fridge, passing up on leftovers and anything that required more than 5 minutes of my time to prepare, which led to me back to where my morning started: the freezer. I nearly fell flat on my back as I opened the freezer door. I just started laughing, shaking my head, and my face burning up. My sister ran over to see what was going on; she thought I was going crazy or something. I simply pointed at the top rack of the freezer, from which my frosted car keys dangled.

Is there some object or item that is always growing legs and running off when you aren’t looking? Or maybe it already has legs and keeps getting away?Tell us about your funniest or most memorable time of losing something – your phone, a pet, a toothbrush, whatever! Our favorite story will grant its teller a Tile – A device that can tether your most treasured belongings to your smartphone so that you can know their whereabouts and save a little worry and time from your daily life.

Check out Tile’s website for more info on the device and how it works with your phone.

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