The bizhub C364e Series is here!

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The bizhub C364e Series has been released, and we’re excited to talk about how these machines expand on the core design and function of their predecessors.

This series enhances what worked well with the C364 Series by adding new features to compliment the already easy-to-use interface. The new machines adopt and expand the “INFO-Palette” design, providing a seamless transition between PCs, tablet devices, smartphones, and our

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The new 9” color touch panel display includes:

  • Toggle between Scroll Bar Mode and Tab Mode to display different views of the application function screen. Tab Mode provides groupings of applications based on functions
  • Long Tap hold down a User Box file and display the next operation menu
  • Drag & Drop to easily move and rearrange User Box thumbnail pages of a file or drag & drop a User Box file and then release it in the print/store/send area
  • Transparent Layers so you can easily see through to a lower layer screen display
  • Pinch In & Pinch Out to enlarge or reduce a preview screen image with two fingers
  • Image Rotation to rotate a preview screen image to desired angle with two fingers

All of these features work well with the already effective touch panel display and are geared towards ease-of-use in the copying and scanning environment. These new functions focus on previewing and editing scan and copy outputs as well as adding increased functionality when it comes to editing User Box files. If you’re already familiar with touch-screen navigation on your tablet or smartphone, the enhanced gestures will make you feel right at home.

The gestures themselves are not just for show either. They truly make things easier when it comes to working with your documents. Previewing your scan file before sending it out also lets you make basic changes to your documents. For example, you can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out to check the fidelity of the scanned images or the two-finger rotate gesture to correct the orientation of a single page. These gestures also carry over to the User Box, where you can adjust a saved User Box file much like other documents, such as using Long Tap gesture to

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go to the edit screen and change the page order with the Drag & Drop gesture. The Long Tap is especially helpful for quick access to basic functions such as sending, printing, and editing.

Along with these enhanced touch screen gestures, the

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C364e Series comes with a few key differences from the previous series. The first thing most users familiar with the C364 Series notice is that the display, while able to be tilt-adjusted, remains locked in place, ridding the panel of the 10-key number panel. Instead, the 10-key has been worked into the touch interface, which works quite well since the goal is to keep the focus on the screen itself rather than diverting the attention elsewhere. However, a tactile 10-key panel is an option for those who prefer it to the touch feature.

The second,

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almost- hidden, feature we found is the enhanced sound menu, giving users the ability to not only change when a sound alert accompanies a certain action, but also the particular sound scheme for the machine to use. While not entirely necessary to the function of the machine, we found that the different sound choices, such as Techno, Music Box, and New Age, add personality when compared to the classic beep alert.

There are also a few notable functional, convenient, and environmental features found in the C364e Series machines. Consumables and many of the main options are compatible between the existing bizhub C364 Series and the C364e Series products. Customers can still choose from a range print/copy speed (in pages per minute – ppm) in both color and black & white (36 ppm, 28 ppm, and 22 ppm). Scan features include up to 160 operations per minute with the optional DF-701 single-pass dual scan document feeder for 100% higher productivity than that of simplex scanning. Combining the features of the LK-102 (Encrypted PDF) and LK-105 (Searchable PDF / OCR), the new i-Option LK-110 License Kit makes it possible to also convert User Box data to Compact PDF files and transform incoming faxes to searchable PDF. The C364e Series engine has a System on Chip (SoC) feature, which combines the ASIC and CPU into one chip, as well as a new wake-up function which enables automatic answering for network communication. The result of these features is significantly low power consumption, achieving less than 1.0-watt power consumption during Sleep mode while also improving TEC values.

Each of these features

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pushes the new series beyond what you’d expect from an MFP in terms of ease-of-use, comfort, and efficiency. The goal with these new machines is to enhance and expand the functionality of an already successful design (hence the “e” extension) and we feel that the new C364e Series does just that by providing familiar controls that transition well across multiple platforms, adding sound schemes that give character to the machines, and of course maintaining the speed and efficiency you’d expect from the bizhub line of MFPs.

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