With more and more things becoming digital, it is important for businesses to secure their information. However, this sounds easier than it actually is. Some companies do not have the resources to keep a constant eye on their security and look for potential threats or weaknesses. Another issue is that security and their systems are becoming more complex. Without this complexity, there would be holes in the security that would allow for vulnerabilities. Konica Minolta has years of experience and can evaluate areas where security is important and relevant. Konica Minolta can offer the right security solutions and services for IT security, data security, multifunctional system security and intelligent video solutions security.

 Focusing only on network and IT security can leave you open to potential security gaps and threats. Different devices that are used every day, such as a tablet in the field, all have the potential to be an attack point. Another thing that happens is that while they are equipped correctly, they do not use the security solutions properly or they do not have policies in place. Konica Minolta frequently encounters a lack of network access controls or passwords that are adequate, which leaves the business vulnerable. Furthermore, certain aspects can be neglected, which can leave important data on hard drives or solid state drives at risk. Forrester Research found out that two thirds of companies have had a data breach due to a vulnerability in hardware security. Lastly, the employees play a key part in security as well. Having well informed employees who can detect a social engineering attack, which works by having the employee click on a malicious link in an email.

Konica Minolta uses 360-Degree Strategy to provide comprehensive security. To achieve this, Konica Minolta looks at printer device security, IT security, video security, and through information security consulting. This approach is based on the premise that if you only focus on one or two of the areas, that there will still be areas of vulnerability.

Multifunctional printers (MFPs) are more than just a printer or copier and have to have proper security to protect that information and data that goes through the MFP or is stored on it. Bizhub SECURE works to cover three areas, which include access control and access security, storage media data security and network security. One aspect that is important is that while these security measures should provide protection, it should never come at the expense of usability. This is not because it might slow down productivity, but because if the users view the security measures as a hinder to them, they are less likely to comply and follow them. Bizhub SECURE Alert and LK-116 BitDefender® Virus Scan Functions are things that Konica Minolta offer as security measures to help protect MFPs.

IT security begins with evaluating risks. Analysis of risks and having contingency plans increase the awareness of risk, while also reducing the chance of possible damage. Deloitte did a study and found that 58% of companies have an emergency plan. Konica Minolta has almost 20 years of experience and uses this when evil sting business and finding what each individual business’ needs are and then create specific security measures in a detailed plan for the business.

Video security can be used by a business to protect valuable information. The first step is deciding what needs to be seen, like the door to file cabinets or entrances. The business’ network is considered because the network has to be able to handle the high-resolution recordings that the video security will use. Next the decision has to be made if the video security system will be added on to an existing network or will have a separate network installed. Additionally, data protection is considered when adding a video security system. How long the data is stored is one question that needs to be considered.

Information security consulting is the last part of the 360-degree strategy. Information security is important in protecting data and to a business’ success, while also being required by law due to legal regulations. Appropriate analysis is important when determining what type of protections they need. Employee training is key to emphasizing the importance of information security. One area of information security is access security. This is who can access certain data. The more important or sensitive the data is, the more restrictive the group who has access to it should be. Additionally, when storing data, it should be encrypted so there is additional security on top of a password. The same is true for transporting data. Lastly, if violations occur, protocol data and logs should be available so they can be identified and to check for damage concerns.