When printing came off of paper and into a 3D space, the tech world was understandably wowed with the possibilities of making digital dreams into tangible reality. 3D printers themselves are now accessible to everyone from the most technologically advanced manufacturing firms to the DIY garage hobbyist. Rendering images and 3D models, however, has been limited to those with advanced software, considerable know-how and resources not available to most people.

Well now that has changed. AutoDesk, a mainstay of designers and engineers in the CAD world has released an app that uses your smartphone as a capture device and renders a 3D model from that capture as easy as 123 – hence the name, “123d.”


This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses, entrepreneurs and artists who want to showcase some object in 3D space digitally, or take the next step and reproduce that object in the real world!


The best part of all? This app is completely free! Check it out for Android and iOS as well as PC at www.123dapp.com.

If this has gotten you fired up for creating your own projects, let us know! We don’t just do 2D around here anymore, either!