Will driving eventually be illegal?


With the development of self-driving cars in recent years, one can’t help but wonder what the future holds for our roads… and its laws. Lead developers in self-driving technology no doubt have the intention of shipping their product as soon as possible and although they may face opposition from car and driving enthusiasts, the facts of the matter are that self-driving vehicles are likely to be part of our near-future everyday lives and safer than a human-driven vehicle.

Take a look at the ReadWrite and Huffington Post articles regarding a brief outline and direction of self-driving cars and find out what some development leads have been saying about our future with their vehicles .

How Robot Drivers Will Save Us From Ourselves

Elon Musk Says Human-Driven Cars Could Become Illegal

So how should we feel about this? If the automated process is faster, safer, and simpler, would it not make sense to embrace this development or does this rob us of something that has become a major part of our functioning society on both social and business levels?

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