Robot Revolution: Are our jobs safe?


A few of us around the office sometimes refer to our copiers as “robots”, partly due to the pure nerd factor that goes along with saying the word, but also because that is what they are. Whether we are trying to make a quick copy or program a complex procedure for a copier to carry out, these machines are capable of doing automated, repetitive tasks quicker and more efficiently than humanly possible. This extends to so much of the technology that has played a major role our everyday lives.

With the way robotic systems have advanced (as outlined briefly in the video below), some of us can’t help but wonder if and how technology could advance to a level where human interaction is minimal or even nonexistent. However, as with all hypothetical scenarios, there are always going to be two or more sides to the issue. Some are worried about their future on the assembly line or even behind a desk at a major corporation, while others are excited to see just how automated our lives could really be.

The bottom line is that robots are designed to complement us, not replace us, but that doesn’t keep us from wondering what is to come. I really think Rodney Brooks’s TED talk below does a great job at shining some light on the subject, explaining why we will rely on robots in the future, and not necessarily be overtaken by them… as exciting as that might be for some of us.
Feel free to check out his TED Talk below which sparked the idea for this blog post and offers his take on the impending robot revolution.

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