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PageScope Mobile


For today’s fast-moving legal professionals, it’s essential to stay connected on the go — in law offices, courthouses, client meetings and anywhere your case load takes you. The PageScope® Mobile app is a powerful, cutting-edge mobile productivity tool that downloads free to your your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device and enables you to manage legal documents on compatible bizhub® MFPs via wireless LAN connection — printing files, scanning documents, reading email messages, even uploading and downloading data to Cloud services.


Visit your Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and download your free PageScope Mobile app!


PageScope Mobile makes it easy to print from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device. Simply download your PageScope Mobile app and enjoy all these productivity advantages

  • Mobile printing of legal documents from bizhub MFPs.
  • Scanning to your Apple or Android device via WebDav
  • Uploading or downloading legal files to/from Cloud services
  • Printing PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PNG, BMP and GIF files on bizhub MFPs.
  • Accessing legal documents and emails anytime, anywhere
  • Staying connected to law offices, courthouses, clients and partners


Download your App at No Charge. PageScope Mobile is a free app that downloads to your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device.

Stay Connected. With PageScope Mobile, you’re never out of touch with your partners, clients, paralegals or administrative staff — and you can print documents or scan files on compatible bizhub MFPs via wireless LAN connection.Upload/Download
Cloud Services. PageScope Mobile enables you to upload and download legal files directly to cloud services such as Google Drive and – Dropbox — no need to go through intermediate software programs. (Since the cloud services vary between Apple version and Android App I revised to reflect only the two online storage sites that are available with both versions of the App…feel free to revise if long as it doesn’t alter the meaning.

Remote Scanning Convenience. You can scan information to your Apple or Android device via WebDav.

Work and Play on the Go. For comprehensive legal productivity, you can print, scan and manage all your information — including documents, emails, even photos.

Handle Documents in Versatile Formats. You can print PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PNG, BMP and GIF files on Konica Minolta networked (add bizhub? MK: YES add “bizhub”) MFPs (devices?) — and also print PPTX, DOCX and XLSX file formats with INFO-Palette bizhub MFPs. (we are using MFPs and bizhubs twice in this section, can we combine). A little confused? Some file formats you can print with the new bizhubs and some you can print with the older models? (MK: You can’t combine because only the INFO-Palette engines can print the file types cited…unless
you make more generic but indicate that the OOXML file types can’t be printed by all the bizhubs. I would definitely change the first occurrence of “MFPs” to devices since the Android version supports C6000L+IC-601, 951 and some of the bizhub printers….and the Apple update due in the Spring is supposed to do the same.

Maintain Security. To safeguard privileged client information, you can manage documents and devices with User Authentication, Account Track and Secure Print functions.

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