Scanning on the fly with PaperScan


PaperScanThe idea of scanning from your mobile device seems like it could be simple and hassle free, but how practical is it really?

DocuWare’s PaperScan is a mobile application that utilizes a mobile device’s built-in camera to digitalize printed documents. All that is required is a clear shot and the app does the rest, cropping and processing the document into either a color or black and white digital document.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate through while making things foolproof in terms of getting the image you want. Although I did have trouble taking a good shot in my testing, the instant scan process allowed me to trash a bad shot and retake it without much effort or time wasted. The app does most of the work for you, zoning in on the document and presenting a flexible cropping tool to exclude more than just the automatically discovered document.

The app in its current state supports multi-page PDF creation, with PDF being the only file type available. Scanned documents can be further managed through Docuware’s account system as well as sent and shared through email and social media within the app itself. Further development, such as adding OCR capabilities and multiple file types to choose from could boost the potential of this app.

While PaperScan is effective at what it does, my limited experience with the application has proven that this sort of technology is nowhere near replacing the automated processes of business scanning found in MFPs or even desktop scanners. However, for a quick, on-the-go solution for scanning receipts or single-page documents with some added cleaning/processing, this application does a great job.

If you’re interested in trying out this application for yourself, feel free to visit your mobile device’s respective application store below:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

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