Dark Mode Helps with Energy and Health


With many apps and websites, they have a default background color of white. However, there has been the emergence of a dark mode, also known as night mode. What this does is change the background color to a darker color, such as black or dark blue. While many enjoy dark mode for the aesthetics, there are many benefits of using dark mode.

One benefit is that dark mode is that it induces less eye fatigue/eye strain. Employees whose work involves looking at a screen all day will know about eye fatigue, and how it can introduce dry eyes, headaches, and more. Additionally, night mode reduces the amount of blue light that is admitted from screens. Blue light is known to make it difficult to fall asleep, so by reducing the amount of blue light that a person is exposed to, the easier it will be to fall asleep at night.

Another benefit of dark mode is that it saves energy and can improve battery life. This is especially important for phones and laptops. When dark mode is enabled, the phone’s battery is improved. While it depends on how high the device’s brightness is and what device is doing, it is still helpful to know for those who travel, or just use their phones frequently.

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