Konica Minolta recently released the new i series, 7 new products which are all color. 6 of these new products will replace existing ones, while 1 product is a new model. There are 3 new shared multifunction printers (MFP), 2 new desktop multifunction printers, and 2 new desktop single function printers (SFP). Additionally, Konica Minolta has 1 more product being released in the near future.

The 3 new shared MFPs are the c360i, the c300i, and the c260i. All of the shared MFP offer multiple finishing options, which include various stapling, hole punching, and folding options. Additionally, these 3 shared MFPs include 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB Solid State Drive, and 10.1″ touchscreen display panel. The c360i prints at 36 pages per minute (PPM), and scanning at 100 ppm in simplex (single sided) and 200 ppm in duplex (double sided). The c300i prints at 30 ppm, and scans at 100 ppm in simplex and 200 ppm in duplex. The c260i prints at 25 ppm, and scans at 100 ppm in simplex and 200 ppm in duplex. All of these printers are improved by features and upgrades that make user experience better. They include a new user interface, mobile connectivity, and improved security features.

The 2 new desktop MFPs are the c4050i and the c3350i. Both of these printers come with 5GB of RAM, a 256GB Solid State Drive, and a 10.1″ touchscreen display panel. The c4050i has printing at 42 ppm, and scanning of 100 ppm in simplex and 200 ppm in duplex. The 2 new desktop SFPs are the c4000i and the c3300i. Both come with 4GB of RAM, and a 7” display panel. The c4000i prints at 42 ppm and the c3300i prints at 35 ppm. All of these printers come with a copier warm up time of 13 seconds for black and white, and 15 seconds for color.

The last product that will be released in the near future is the c3320i, which is an all-in-one (AIO) that will print at 35 ppm.

Augmented Reality is taking an image from a computer or phone and putting it into the real world through a display, which is different from virtual reality. Virtual reality creates a whole new environment, where augmented reality takes the existing environment and adds to it. For example, many apps have augmented reality features. Apple has an app called Measure, which allows users to measure items in real life using their phone. Nike has added a similar feature that measures the user’s foot and suggest the size for different shoes. This is useful for online shopping because some shoes run smaller or larger. While these are useful, there is so much more that augmented reality can be used for.

The future of augmented reality is unknown because there is so much potential. This is even more true if augmented reality glasses become a common item in the world. When traveling, imagine having directions that act as a line on the street, or when shopping for furniture imagine being able to see what it would look like in your house without having to buy it. These are all options that can improve aspects of life. Additionally, just being able to display information onto the screen. Examples could be walking down the street and seeing the ratings of restaurants, or a doctor being able to see the patient’s vitals while preforming the surgery. The possibilities are almost endless.

Technology is making things that seemed impossible before reality. The benefits of these new technological advances will make our lives a better place, by either making certain aspects easier, or making certain unknowns easier to manage.

Just like the VCR, soon the satellite dishes on your house might become obsolete. AT&T, who owns DirecTV, does not plan to buy more satellites and just recently launched their last one. What does this mean for TV? Well it could be going towards a streaming based option. DirecTV NOW is the same as their normal satellite plan, but without the dish. All channels are streamed, like a Netflix show, and the costs are kept lower due to not having to get a dish and the lack of using a satellite.. But this is not the only example of this companies moving away from hardware.

There have been rumors that Xbox plans to have a all-digital console. The “Xbox Maverick” would be a all-digital Xbox One S, which means no disc drive and all games are downloaded to the Xbox. Google also planned a streaming based console called the Google Stadia. This means that games are not downloaded, and instead streamed like Netflix. These changes are showing a shift in media as a digital or streaming based option, and moving away from the old ways of these ideas.

So why is this happening? One reason is that the internet and WiFi has become a standard in houses. Many people use WiFi with their phones, televisions, and other smart devices. Furthermore, it can save costs for companies. Maintaining and buying satellites is not cheap, which is one reason DirecTV could be changing towards a digital model. Xbox has been offering games digitally, and the lack of a disc drive could make the models less expensive to produce which means it is less expensive for customers to buy.

So just as it has happened in the past and will happen in the future, change with technology will occur.  People went from having cell phones that flipped open, to those that have touch screens. Evolution and progress is part of the technology industry, and it is what makes it great.

With many apps and websites, they have a default background color of white. However, there has been the emergence of a dark mode, also known as night mode. What this does is change the background color to a darker color, such as black or dark blue. While many enjoy dark mode for the aesthetics, there are many benefits of using dark mode.

One benefit is that dark mode is that it induces less eye fatigue/eye strain. Employees whose work involves looking at a screen all day will know about eye fatigue, and how it can introduce dry eyes, headaches, and more. Additionally, night mode reduces the amount of blue light that is admitted from screens. Blue light is known to make it difficult to fall asleep, so by reducing the amount of blue light that a person is exposed to, the easier it will be to fall asleep at night.

Another benefit of dark mode is that it saves energy and can improve battery life. This is especially important for phones and laptops. When dark mode is enabled, the phone’s battery is improved. While it depends on how high the device’s brightness is and what device is doing, it is still helpful to know for those who travel, or just use their phones frequently.

Google announced that it would be shutting down Google+, their social network, after a security vulnerability was discovered. While this vulnerability was fixed in March, knowledge of the issue was not known to the public until October of the same year. Google did not inform users that this happened because no one’s user information was taken. Google is under scrutiny because they did not inform users. Congress has questioned why Google did not release information about vulnerability earlier and wants more information. Google believes that the work and resources to maintain Google+ is not worth it, which is why they are shutting it down. The original shut down was scheduled for August of 2019; however, a second leak happened in November and was open for 6 days. This caused Google to move the planned shutdown up to April of 2019. Additionally, all Google+ APIs will shut down on March 7th.

Google+, which was announced in 2011, was aimed to challenge Facebook. Instead it has been in the shadows of Facebook, and other social networking platforms. Google+ did not catch on, and eventually found a niche group of users. Google stated that 90 percent of user’s interaction with Google+ was less than 5 seconds long.

Recently, Apple had a security issue appear that affects all users of Apple products. The issue occured with their popular FaceTime app. The bug would allow you to listen and see like a normal FaceTime call even if the person did not answer the call. This would happen if the person making the call made the call a group call. The caller would add another person, or themselves, to the call, and then they would be able to hear the person who they were originally calling. Additionally, if the person that was getting called hit the power button, then the person who was calling would be able to see whatever the front camera of that person’s device could see.

Once information of this bug became wide known, many Apple users disabled FaceTime entirely to make sure they were safe from potential eavesdropping. However, shortly after Apple disabled group FaceTime on a server level to make sure those not aware of the bug were still safe. Apple fixed the bug on February 7th, but the option to add a person to a call is grayed out, meaning if you want to add a person to the call, you have to hang up and then add the person before you call. So the option to add during a call is not working.

With new technology comes new issues of privacy and security, whether it be phones, computers, or printers. If you have any questions about the security of your printers or network, call us at (702) 851-9090 and visit www.pdplv.com/security to learn about the security of Konica Minolta printers.

Wi-Fi has evolved and changed, just like your phone’s software, or Windows. Since 1999, there have been 5 versions of Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi version is written as 802.11 followed by a letter or letters. The current version of Wi-Fi is 802.11ac, but how would you know that it is better than 802.11n or 802.11g? This system does not follow set rules, such as the original being 802.11a and then 802.11b, and so on. A lot of companies use number system, which is usually easier to tell what version is newer. This is because they use numbers to describe the version. Windows has been using numbers more recently, with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and Apple has also been using numbers, with IOS 12.

Instead, they are dropping this way of naming their versions and are just going to be using numbers. This means the current version is Wi-Fi 5, and previous versions before it are their retrospective number. This will make it easier for people to understand what version is the most updated and best. This change will not change Wi-Fi and how it works, just how it is branded and named.

Konica Minolta has launched the AccurioWide 160 and 200 Hybrid UV Wide Format Printer. Both printers are designed for commercial and franchise printing, with their hybrid technology platform.  These printers both use UV (ultraviolet) ink technology, which saves on ink by using more color pigment per drop. The printer has a print resolution up to 1440×720 dpi (dots per inch), which results in beautiful print quality. These printers also use a mix between LED curing lamps and air cooled UV light that speeds up drying times. The AccurioWide 200 is the higher-end version of the two. It has a larger print width and faster print speeds compared to the AccurioWide 160.


The AccurioPro WideDirector is the software that will help run the AccurioWide printers. The software is all in one, which means it allows the user to use automated job layout, manage colors, and much more within the software. This software will also work with the Konica Minolta FD-9 spectrophotometer, along with support coming for the Konica Minolta FD-5 and FD-7 hand held spectrophotometer.

AccurioWide 160

The AccurioWide 160 was on display at Print 18 from September 30 – October 2 in Chicago, Illinois and the AccurioWide 200 was on display and demonstrated for the first time at Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 18 – October20.


AccurioWide 200

Almost everyone has needed to get a prescription at one point, could be an antibiotic or something to help with blood pressure. When going to pay for the prescription, using your insurance could actually cost you more. There have been stories (like this one that PBS wrote about https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/why-a-patient-paid-a-285-copay-for-a-40-drug) where a woman paid a $285 copay for a $40 prescription. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. So what can you do to make sure you do not over pay?

There are multiple ways to make sure that you pay the lowest price for your prescription. The first is to ask the cash price. This will allow you to see if paying it in cash is actually cheaper than your copay. However, also check various pharmacies to see their price. Furthermore, there are websites that allow you to put your zip code and the prescription you need. Then it will tell you the price at various pharmacies around you. So just like you would check to get the best deal on a new television or computer, you can do the same for your prescriptions.

Below are multiple places where you can compare prices of prescriptions.

In recent history, the way people commute from one place to another has been evolving. While we are all familiar with traditional cars, trains, taxis, Uber/Lyft, and buses, there are new ways that are changing how you might get around.

Easy to rent and ride, dockless bikes and scooters are gaining traction in cities across the country. The price model works like a taxi to an extent, in which a person pays a flat fee to obtain the bike/scooter, and then pays per minute. Once you are finished, you simply leave the bike and the company comes and picks it up. Companies, like Lime, have apps that allow the user to easily find a bike/scooter. The bikes are available as a traditional pedal bike, or what Lime calls e-assist, which isn’t fully electric, but it makes the rides much easier. The scooters are electric, and go 15 MPH for up to 20 miles.

Dockless bikes and scooters have done well in markets of people in urban cities as well as tourists – people who want to get around quickly, while also seeing sites. These convenient modes of transportation also cater to those who take the subway/train around, like in New York or Chicago, saving them from walking the rest of their commute home.