A New Approach to 3D Printing


3D printing has become a major focus in the tech world and has advanced to a point where what once took weeks or days can now be done in only a few hours, but it still isn’t enough. Tiny models and flimsy plastic-plated armors to be used at Comic-Con are a great, but how far can this process really take us? A crucial issue with the current state of 3D printing is that it is basically a repetition of 2D printing until a three-dimensional model or form is created. Current 3D prints still take a significantly large amount of time, are structurally and mechanically weak, and material options are vastly limited, leaving more to be desired. After all, our goal is to eventually get to a point where we can replicate an object material for material, gram for gram, cubic nanometer for cubic nanometer.

Carbon3D Inc. has developed a different method of 3D “growing” that takes a big leap forward in creating and recreating objects in a fraction of the time it takes with current 3D-printing technology, all while maintaining structural soundness and strength. Carbon3D feels that their CLIP – Continuous Liquid Interface Production – process of growing parts rather than printing them layer-by-layer could not just give the world fast and efficient 3D copying and printing, but also create a clear path 3D Manufacturing. 

For a more in-depth discussion on Carbon3D’s work, check out the video below from Joseph DeSimone’s TED talk.

Feel free to also take a look at Carbon3D’s website for more details.

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