Apple’s FaceTime Security Scare


Recently, Apple had a security issue appear that affects all users of Apple products. The issue occured with their popular FaceTime app. The bug would allow you to listen and see like a normal FaceTime call even if the person did not answer the call. This would happen if the person making the call made the call a group call. The caller would add another person, or themselves, to the call, and then they would be able to hear the person who they were originally calling. Additionally, if the person that was getting called hit the power button, then the person who was calling would be able to see whatever the front camera of that person’s device could see.

Once information of this bug became wide known, many Apple users disabled FaceTime entirely to make sure they were safe from potential eavesdropping. However, shortly after Apple disabled group FaceTime on a server level to make sure those not aware of the bug were still safe. Apple fixed the bug on February 7th, but the option to add a person to a call is grayed out, meaning if you want to add a person to the call, you have to hang up and then add the person before you call. So the option to add during a call is not working.

With new technology comes new issues of privacy and security, whether it be phones, computers, or printers. If you have any questions about the security of your printers or network, call us at (702) 851-9090 and visit to learn about the security of Konica Minolta printers.

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